Master of Malt Bottlings Tasting Set


Master of Malt Bottlings Tasting Set

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Master of Malt have released some incredible bottlings under their own label over the years, picking up a number of awards and being named Islands Bottler of the Year at Whisky Mag's Independent Bottlers' Challenge 2015, for example.

This tasting set contains a selection of belters, including*:

  • Port Charlotte 14 Year Old 2002 - Single Cask 
  • Craigellachie 8 Year Old 2006 - Single Cask
  • Ben Nevis 19 Year Old 1996 - Single Cask
  • Slyrs 3 Year Old 2013 - Single Cask
  • Aberlour 20 Year Old 1992 - Single Cask
  • detailed tasting notes

*As with all of our sets, contents are subject to change. Fear not though, the advertised products will always be representative of the price range and diversity of the contents.