Antique Whiskies Tasting Set


Antique Whiskies Tasting Set

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You get those people don't you; the ones that always bang on about how they "don't make 'em like they used to". You get your fair share of those people in the whisky world, probably. See whether they're onto something or full of it by trying these beauties*:

  • Glenfiddich - 1980s
  • Crawford's 3* Special Reserve - 1970s
  • VAT 69 - 1970s
  • Sheep Dip 8 Year Old - 1970s
  • The Antiquary - 1970s
  • detailed tasting notes

*As with all of our sets, contents are subject to change. Fear not though, the advertised products will always be representative of the price range and diversity of the contents.