Individual Crackers


Individual Crackers

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Our sets of Christmas Crackers are great. No doubt about it. But what if you've got a number of guests that isn't divisible by 6 sat around your Christmas dinner table - like 10, or 39, or 7? What if you've got incredibly picky guests that will only drink whisky, or gin? What if you've got a combination of these problems?! Well, we've made it possible for you to purchase individual Christmas Crackers! 24 different variations are available, each containing a 30ml wax-sealed dram of deliciousness, tasting note, questionable party hat and naff joke!

Full individual cracker range:

  • Port Askaig 8 Year Old
  • Jim Beam Double Oak
  • Loch Lomond 12 Year Old
  • Roe & Co Irish Whiskey
  • Tamdhu 10 Year Old
  • Glenfiddich Experimental Series - IPA Cask Finish
  • Kavalan Sherry Oak
  • Glenfarclas 21 Year Old
  • Auchentoshan 18 Year Old
  • Tullamore D.E.W. 18 Year Old Single Malt
  • Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Gran Reserva
  • Mackmyra Moment - Malström
  • Bathtub Gin
  • FEW Breakfast Gin
  • Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin (That Boutique-y Gin Company)
  • Moonshot Gin (That Boutique-y Gin Company)
  • Tanqueray Rangpur
  • St. George Botanivore Gin
  • Bathtub Gin - Navy-Strength
  • Rumbullion!
  • Cherry Brandy
  • Bathtub Gin - Sloe Gin
  • FEW Bourbon
  • Glenfarclas 10 Year Old

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