Drinks by the Dram Launch Chocolate-Dipped Drams

Drinks by the Dram proudly presents the ultimate booze-and-chocolate pairing experience – Chocolate-Dipped Drams!

UPDATE: Suppose we should come clean - this announcement might have something to do with today's date...

It could be said that the team here at Drinks by the Dram HQ have our minds on one thing and one thing only: getting tasty spirits into small vessels. With Easter upon us, another thought appears – chocolate. We bloomin’ love chocolate. Now, two is a number that is almost twice as complicated as one, and frankly our minds don’t like to deviate from their original objective, so we had to come up with a way to combine these interests.

After much reflection, deliberation, theorisation and experimentation, we’ve done it. We have created Chocolate-Dipped Drams – the ultimate booze-and-chocolate pairing experience! You now have the option for your 30ml drams of whisky, rum, gin and more to be sealed with top-quality chocolate instead of our usual black wax.


Our popular Regions of Scotland Tasting Set, presented with Chocolate-Dipped Drams!

Working with the Polar Foils Chocolate Co., we have not only sourced chocolate that will offer the same dram-sealing ability of wax (ensuring that your tasty booze cannot escape its 30ml confines), we have also been able to pair all of the spirits available in our drams with a chocolate to complement each other’s flavour profile. We’re particularly fond of the subtly-nutty dark chocolate we found to pair with Dalmore 15 Year Old, if you’re looking to dive right in to the world of Chocolate-Dipped Drams....

This has also opened up new avenues for our Advent Calendars. For years we have rightly claimed that our booze-filled Advent Calendars are much more delicious than chocolate-filled Advent Calendars. Why not treat yourself to the best of both worlds? Starting this Christmas, we will be offering Advent Calendars filled with Chocolate-Dipped Drams! It’s almost like we hijacked the telepods from The Fly and instead of making some horrific insect-Jeff Goldblum hybrid, we’ve made the yummiest way to count down to Christmas even yummier!

Keep your eyes peeled for Chocolate-Dipped Drams appearing in all places where you can buy our wares soon. Tastiness awaits!