New Tasting Set Time: Behold, Our Cognac Tasting Set!

We've made a Tasting Set based around Cognac - perhaps France's most famous spirit!

If you take a look at your watch right now, be it a traditional watch filled with cogs and springs, or a sports watch filled with timers and LEDs, or a smart watch filled with chips and emails, you'll notice that it says the time is "New Tasting Set Time". You might have to adjust for timezones and whatnot if your watch doesn't say that, but rest assured, it is indeed New Tasting Set Time.

We're very happy to (finally) launch our very own Cognac Tasting Set! You can now tuck into five different drams of delicious Cognac from top producers in the eponymous region, presented in a handy cardboard cuboid. Regard:

Glorious, no? Now, ensure your watch is showing the right time (it should be a few minutes after "New Tasting Set Time"), as there are some developments coming in the near future that'll you'll want to be aware of...