Our 30, 40 & 50 Year Old Whisky Tasting Sets!

We're excited to unveil a trio of brand new Tasting Sets, based around whiskies of milestone ages...

In between dramming hundreds of tasty spirits, we've been practising our extrasensory perception skills. Don't believe us? Check this out...

We know that you have at least one person in your life who will have a birthday in the coming year.

Spooky, right? How on earth did we know that?! Well, that's besides the point. What's important here is that you're going to need to get that person a birthday present - and we've just released a trio of Tasting Sets that would make great gifts. Introducing the 30, 40 and 50 Year Old Tasting Sets!

Each set contains 5 different drams of well-matured whisky, so if you've got a whisky-enthusiast pal reaching one of these milestone ages, these will be perfect. If it happens to be a gift for yourself, we understand.

The 30 Year Old Whisky Tasting Set

The 40 Year Old Whisky Tasting Set

The 50 Year Old Whisky Tasting Set