The Unveiling of Mammoth Drams

Proudly presenting the latest innovation from the Drinks by the Dram New Product Development Workshop - Mammoth Drams, just over 23 times larger than our standard 3cl drams!

EDIT: Well folks, you guessed it - this was an April Fools' Day prank, and a rather sizeable one at that!

An honourable Texan once told us, “Go big or go home.” We took that sentiment to heart, and we took that heart into our New Product Development Workshop and experimented on it until a brilliant idea pumped out of one of its severed valves. We’re happy to announce that this bloody undertaking was not a fruitless endeavour. Proudly presenting our latest innovation - Mammoth Drams, which hold just over 23 times as much whisky as our standard 3cl drams!

We’re breaking new ground here, folks. Our Mammoth Drams (affectionately known as Drammoths here at Drinks by the Dram HQ) are cutting-edge vessels for holding 70cl of whisky, gin, rum and a menagerie of other delicious spirits. They’re presented in the same livery as our regular drams, and each one is hand-waxed by the member of our production team with the biggest hands, Big Hand Luke.

If you’ve ever thought, “Goodness gracious, the whisky in this 3cl dram is delicious! If only there was more of it for me to share with my pals…” then it’s Mammoth Drams to the rescue. If you’ve ever had to transport 23-and-a-bit drams-worth of liquid without the use of a bag, box or other vessel, then it’s Mammoth Drams to the rescue again. If you’ve ever needed somewhere to keep a heart preserved in formaldehyde as a memento to the inception of your latest (and greatest?) idea, then it’s Mammoth Drams to the rescue once more!

Every drink available in our standard 3cl drams will be available in Mammoth Drams, including Tasting Sets and Advent Calendars, and we’ll be rolling them out for the general public in the coming weeks.