Opening the Advent Calendars! Day 9

Grab a mince pie and don that reindeer sweater, it’s time to discover what Day 9 of our Advent calendar adventure has in store!

The Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Whisky - 9.png

The Naked Grouse: Relaunched as a blended malt in September this year, the updated recipe is made from whisky distilleries including The Macallan, Highland Park, Glenturret and The Glenrothes. Sherried and thick; the dram oozes notes of sultanas, sticky toffee pudding, Victoria sponge and crème caramel.

The Bourbon Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

Bourbon 9.png

FEW Bourbon: Hailing from the first distillery in Evanston (near Chicago) since prohibition, this gorgeous three-grain bourbon combines the legally-required corn majority with northern rye and a touch of malt – resulting in a whiskey packed with toffee, clove, vanilla and spice.

Day 9 @drinksbythedram

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The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

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Big Peat: Take malt whisky from iconic Islay greats Caol Ila, Bowmore, Ardbeg and Port Ellen, blend them together, and what do you end up with? A delicious, easy-drinking whisky with great body and a sweet, fresh, maritime, citrus flavour.

The American Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

American 9.png

Koval Four Grain: This creamy, spicy whiskey is distilled from a mash bill of organic oats, malted barley, rye, and wheat, and then aged for around two years in charred oak barrels from Minnesota. The result? Notes of corn, red fruit and banana and allspice. Lovely.

The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


963 8 Year Old Blended Malt: A subtly spicy eight year old blended malt that is not often seen outside Japan. If you’re unfamiliar with Sasanokowa Shuzo, the distillery has been making whisky since 1946, and also crafts the Yamazakura range.


Togouchi 9 Year Old: Well, this is not something you see every day! This nine year old blend is made up with both Scotch and Canadian whiskies, and was aged in a railway tunnel below the streets of Hiroshima. Lemon, orange and peat develops into a spiced caramel finish. Divine.

The Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent


Tullamore DEW Phoenix: The Phoenix was placed on the coat of arms of the town of Tullamore in 1785, after a hot air balloon crash caused a terrible fire that nearly wiped it off the map. Tullamore DEW Phoenix – a blend of pot still whiskey finished in oloroso sherry casks, single malt and grain whiskey – pays homage to the resilient town.

Day 9 - Tullamore Dew.

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The Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Ardmore 15 Year Old 2002 (cask 94091) - Chieftain's (Ian Macleod): There are two potential drams from Ian Macleod’s Chieftan’s range here, and both are equally as fine! The first, from Ardmore, was distilled in February 2002 and matured for 15 years in a Madeira cask until May 2017 . The second, an Aberfeldy, was distilled in April 2003 and bottled 14 years later in May 2017, having spent some time finishing in a Port pipe. Lovely stuff all round.

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Premium Whisky-9.jpg

Big Peat: A dram so nice we featured it twice! Savvy imbibers will have clocked Big Peat’s appearance in The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. Rude not to include him here too really, since he’s basically a Scotch Santa. Small batch, non-chill-filtered and without colouring, for your dramming pleasure.

The Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

O&R 9.png

Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old: This is the very first 26 year old whisky to be released by Glenfiddich distillery, and it’s a beauty. Aged exclusively in ex-bourbon casks sourced from the Kelvin Cooperage in Kentucky, it is soft and silky on the palate, with notes of liquorice, vanilla, toffee, nutmeg and cinnamon.

The Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Very Old and Rare 9.png

Port Ellen 25 Year Old 1979 - 5th Release (2005 Special Release): Boy oh boy, you’re in for a treat. This incredibly rare single malt from Port Ellen was launched as part of Diageo's Special Releases in 2005, with 5,280 bottles produced at cask strength. Flavour-wise, well… We won’t spoil it.

The Gin Advent Calendar – #GinAdvent


Kokoro Gin: Using Japanese botanicals has become a real trend in gin as of late, and Kokoro is a fantastic example. Made with fresh sansho berries from the Afan Forest in Japan, (which are popular in Japanese cuisine), this London dry is unlike any gin you’ve tasted before.

The Rum Advent Calendar – #RumAdvent


South Pacific 12 Year Old 2004 - Bonpland: Hailing from Fiji's South Pacific distillery, this off-the-wall rum (of which only 488 bottles were ever produced) was finished in a German wine cask, resulting in a liquid bursting with grilled pineapple, mango, spicy oak and grape sweetness.

The Cognac Advent Calendar – #CognacAdvent


Pierre Ferrand Double Cask Réserve: Launched to replace Pierre Ferrand Reserve, this Cognac enjoys a unique double-aging process; first in French Oak Cognac barrels and then in former Banyuls casks (a type of French fortified wine). Expect fresh apricot, bright red berries and cinnamon spice.

The Tequila Advent Calendar – #TequilaAdvent

Tequilla 9.png

Herradura Plata: Behind door seven lies a dreamy Tequila from Casa Herradura. Creamy and full, Herradura Plata is made from 100% blue agave plants that are harvested between seven and 10 years old, with the resulting liquid aged for 40 days in oak barrels before bottling.

The Armagnac Advent Calendar – #ArmagnacAdvent


Domaine Boingnères 1985 Cépages Nobles: Another showstopping armagnac from  Domaine de Boingnères. Distilled in 1985 from the increasingly rare Folle Blanche and Colombard grape varieties, this robust spirit offers notes of tobacco, leather and clove.

The Vodka Advent Calendar – #VodkaAdvent

Vodka 9.png

St. George Green Chile Vodka: It’s said to be the perfect vodka for a Bloody Mary, and who are we to disagree? It’s made by distilling a non-GMO neutral spirit with jalapeño peppers, lime peel and fresh coriander, and then blending it with a serrano, habanero, and red and yellow pepper infusion. Clever!

The Mezcal Advent Calendar – #MezcalAdvent

Mezcal 9.png

Los Cuerudos Reposado 2015: Rich and sweet, with undertones of that classic mezcal smoke we all know and love, from the folk behind the Los Cuerudos range. A real crowd-pleaser.

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The Absinthe Advent Calendar – #AbsintheAdvent


Liquoristerie De Provence Versinthe La Blanche: This colourless beauty is vacuum-distilled at a low temperature to retain some of the more delicate flavour notes, and contains a blend of 20 botanicals, including grande wormwood, verbena, basil, star anise, genepi, tarragon, dill, rosemary, and peppermint.