Opening the Advent Calendars! Day 18

**Seven Sleeps To Christmas Klaxon!** It's official: we're in the home straight to the Big Day. The excitement here is sky-high – tempered only by the fact that the dram count is dwindling. But that's next week's problem. Let's live in the moment and tuck in to today's Advent selection! 

The Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Whisky 18.png

Dalmore 12 Year Old: A beautifully composed and rich 12 year old from the Dalmore distillery, the blend of Seville marmalade, rich coffee, winter spices and fruitcake make for a seasonal sensation.

Day eighteen: #dalmore12 #drinksbythedram #advent

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The Bourbon Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

Bourbon 18.png

Jefferson's Ocean: Aged At Sea: This adventure of a dram is initially aged on land, before being sent on an epic sea-faring voyage, crossing the equator four times to complete the maturation process. A combination of bourbon brilliance with coastal cool.

The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Riverflow: The distillery that produced this whisky is a mystery, but the gorgeous balance of stem ginger, brandy snaps, vanilla and a scoop of rum-raisin ice cream leaves no confusion in our minds: this is a dram to savour.

The American Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

American 18.png

Jim Beam Rye: One of Jim Beam's oldest recipes was used to create this rye whiskey release, made in a pre-Prohibition style. The result is big, bold and spicy; everything you want from rye whisky, with touches of vanilla and black pepper.

The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Japanese 18.png

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt: Named after the company's founder, Masataka Taketsuru, this no-age-statement expression features a blend of malt whisky from the Miyagikyo distillery, as well a percentage matured in sherry casks. The conclusion? A rich, well-spiced dram.

The Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

Irish 18.png

Tullamore D.E.W. 14 Year Old Single Malt: Triple distilled Irish single malt whiskey finished in bourbon, port, Madeira and Oloroso sherry casks – there’s a range of flavour here in a varied and sumptuous treat.

The Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Single Cask 18.png

Port Charlotte 14 Year Old 2002 - Single Cask (Master of Malt): Distilled in 2002 at Islay's Bruichladdich distillery, this terrific tipple was matured in a single ex-bourbon barrel and bottled under the Port Charlotte name in 2016 without any chill-filtration or additional colours.

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Premium 18.png

Talisker 18 Year Old: A masterpiece from one of Scotland's greatest distilleries, you simply cannot deny that stunning balance of peat, spice and sweetness. Just lovely.

The Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Johnnie Walker King George V: A very special edition from Johnnie Walker made to celebrate the Royal Warrant bestowed upon the brand by the monarch, some of Johnnie Walker's rarest stocks, including Cardhu, Lochnagar and even Port Ellen, went into this quite incredible delight. You may have found Johnnie Walker King George V - Royal Warrant 80th Anniversary behind your window, but either way, it’s a royally good time!

The Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

The Glenrothes 1969 cask 11485 (bottled 2013): Drawn from a single refill hogshead, this single malt Scotch is intensely expressive and fluid, combining notes of herbal tea, verbena, mint, ginger honey cake, liquorice and barley sugar with the texture of raw silk.

The Gin Advent Calendar – #GinAdvent


Williams Great British Extra Dry Gin: A dry, juniper-led gin designed for use in a classic G&T, Chase distilled this gin from its Naked vodka, which itself was made from cider produced with organically grown apples. The result is a delicious gin with notes of spice and citrus fruit.

The Rum Advent Calendar – #RumAdvent


Doorly's 12 Year Old: A superb example of a gorgeous Barbados rum, you can expect masses of tropical fruit, chewy caramel, leafy tobacco and fragrant oak notes throughout.

The Cognac Advent Calendar – #CognacAdvent

Cognac 18.png

Maxime Trijol Elegance: The current head of the company, Jean-Jacques Trijol, produced this delight in the heart of the Cognac region, St Martial Sur Né.  He created a signature structure and finesse that brings a scrumptious harmony between fruit and spirit straight to your palate.

The Tequila Advent Calendar – #TequilaAdvent


Arette Reposado: A corking reposado aged for between 4 and 6 months in white oak, this tequila treat is made with 100% blue agave from Jalisco, and is blended with water from the Tequila Volcano (yes, a real thing!). A genuinely superb premium tequila from Arette is the result.

The Armagnac Advent Calendar – #ArmagnacAdvent


Domaine de Labadie Blason Noir: This Armagnac was crafted using predominantly Picpoul (Folle Blanche) grapes from Domaine de Labadie vineyards, which were picked at the end of September. It has been aged for at least 6 years.

The Vodka Advent Calendar – #VodkaAdvent


Ketel One Citroen Lemon Vodka: This Dutch lemon vodka adds natural citrus to the superb signature Ketel One vodka for a remarkably fresh and fun tipple.

The Mezcal Advent Calendar – #MezcalAdvent

Mezcal 18.png

Ven A Mi Reposado: This reposado mezcal spent a number of months in wooden barrels, lending charred oak tones to the already complex and earthy blend of herbaceous smokiness, barbecue baked pears and warm golden syrup notes with cinnamon undertones.

The Absinthe Advent Calendar – #AbsintheAdvent

Absinthe 18.png

La Maison Fontaine Blanche: In the Jura mountain range to the east of France lies Pontarlier, where this super, clear absinthe was made. It’s a versatile and excellent spirit able to enjoyed either on its own with water or in cocktails.