Opening the Advent Calendars! Day 14

On the 14th day of Advent my Calendars gave to me... a plethora of world whiskies! And Scotch, and some remarkable other spirits, too. Best crack on, then! 

The Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Whisky 14.png

Mackmyra Brukswhisky: Mackmyra's core expression, this light Swedish whisky was primarily matured in first-fill bourbon barrels, although it does feature some whisky aged in sherry and Swedish oak casks too, as well as some smokier malt. The result is a dram of complexity, brimming with flavour. Just delicious.

The Bourbon Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

Copy of Bourbon 12.png

Maker's Mark 46: Maker's 46 was created for those that like spicy bourbon, which was achieved with the addition of inserting seared French oak staves into the barrels (with the stave profile "number 46" - thus the name). It's utterly stunning.

The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Smokehead: A superb, cult single malt from Ian MacLeod, there’s a raft of classic Islay character in this massive, thick peat, smoke-rich dram.

The American Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent


Westland American Oak: The core single malt whiskey from Westland distillery, this delightful dram was matured in American oak casks and is filled with notes of caramel, buttered bread, cherries, coffee and a touch of cigar box.

The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


The Chita Suntory Whisky: The main expression from Chita distillery, owned by Suntory. This single grain whisky was matured in a combination of sherry, bourbon and wine casks, giving it a raft of flavours including vanilla sponge cake, honey, honeydew melon, citrus and honey'd cereal.

The Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

Irish 14.png

Teeling Single Grain: Irish single grain whiskey from Teeling, unique for its maturation in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon casks. It’s deliciously sweet with a good deal of spice and fruit.

The Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Invergordon 27 Year Old 1988 (cask 8118) - The Single Cask: An independent bottling of 27 year old Invergordon single grain, bottled in February 2016 by The Single Cask, it was distilled in February 1988 and boasts notes of peanut butter and chocolate, brown sugar and drying spices.

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Premium Whisky 14.png

Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Gran Reserva: finished in casks that were previously used to age Caribbean rum, this classic example of a delicious Glenfiddich expression contains the range of gorgeous flavours you expect, including barley sugar, marmalade, Manuka honey, chocolate, foam bananas, fruitcake spices and buttery vanilla. Yummy.

The Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Laphroaig 27 Year Old: With a proud Islay identity, this 27 year old Laphroaig is matured by placing a portion of the whisky in refill quarter casks and the rest first-fill bourbon barrels. The result is a single malt Scotch whisky possessing depth, character and flavour. You might have Laphroaig 25 Year Old Cask Strength (2014 Release) instead, but either way it’s a lovely little Laphroaig treat for you this Thursday.

The Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Very Old and Rare 14.png

The Balvenie 40 Year Old: This 40 year old single malt Scotch whisky from the Balvenie distillery offers a stunning balance between traditional whisky cask and Sherry cask malts, creating a superbly aged expression.

The Gin Advent Calendar – #GinAdvent


Marylebone London Dry Gin: Made in London by the Pleasure Gardens Distilling Co., using a combination of botanicals including juniper, lime flower, lemon balm, clove, liquorice, chamomile and grapefruit, this is a seriously well-put-together gin that’s worth savouring.

The Rum Advent Calendar – #RumAdvent


Brugal 1888 Ron Gran Reserva Familiar: An absolute corker of an offering, this very special old rum from Brugal was distilled twice and aged in American oak, before it was finished in Spanish oak sherry casks. The result is a dark rum from the Dominican Republic that’s buttery, sweet and utterly delicious!

The Cognac Advent Calendar – #CognacAdvent

Cognac 14.png

Camus VSOP Borderies 2017: This 2017 vintage of VSOP Borderies is almost entirely made with fruit from Maison Camus estates, delivering a fresh and subtly nutty Cognac, complete with notes of brioche dipped in dark coffee, walnuts embedded within milk chocolate and citrus peels.

The Tequila Advent Calendar – #TequilaAdvent


Porfidio Extra Añejo: Made with 100% blue agave and distilled using state-of-the-art European equipment, this Tequila was continually aged in virgin barrels for that delicious oak influence. Some might be opening calendar windows to find Sierra Milenario Tequila Extra Añejo, a 100% agave Tequila aged for three years in durmast oak casks.

The Armagnac Advent Calendar – #ArmagnacAdvent

Baron de Lustrac 1967: Specialists in releasing fantastic Armagnac from very old vintages, you can count on Baron de Lustrac to deliver rancio richness, runny honey, fresh red grapes and a kick of baking spice to this superb, stately edition.

The Vodka Advent Calendar – #VodkaAdvent


Tito's Vodka: A small batch vodka that's distilled six times and filtered to reach the level of quality desired, this little beauty is made in small-batches in Austin, Texas, by Tito Beveridge and is versatile enough to be enjoyed in cocktails or on its own.

The Mezcal Advent Calendar – #MezcalAdvent


Ilegal Añejo: This very tasty mezcal is made in Tlacolula in Mexico's Oaxaca region and distilled twice in copper stills. It is fortunately very much legal, because this rich buttery spirit with whiffs of smoke and notes of bitter orange and cloves is an utterly a fine example of how good mezcal can get.

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The Absinthe Advent Calendar – #AbsintheAdvent

Absinthe 14.png

Grande Absente: Distilleries Et Domaines De Provence took great care to respect the legacy of the spirit when distilling this absinthe, using a recipe that was devised prior to the spirit's ban and bottling it at a traditionally high strength of 69% ABV.

Today’s absinthe-vent Grande Absente #absinthe 69%

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