Opening the Advent Calendars! Day 10

Day 10 is here – and our Christmas countdown has reached double figures! But there's still plenty of spirited goodness to go, as our round-up of today's deliciousness proves...

The Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Scallywag 13 Year Old: A scrumptious, well-sherried selection of Speyside malts, all aged for at least 13 years, bandied together to create this variation of Douglas Laing's spectacular Scallywag blended malt Scotch whisky.

The Bourbon Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent


David Nicholson 1843: Heaven Hill now distills this wheated bourbon that honours David Nicholson, a grocer who created an original bourbon whiskey recipe back in 1843. Still delicious today, enjoy the rich blend of honey, butter and cinnamon, followed by subtle hints of vanilla and oak.

The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Copper Dog: Named after a device used to smuggle home whisky straight from the cask, this little Speyside stunner retains that same irreverent and mischievous spirit, and boasts notes of honeyed cereal, chocolate digestives, orange peels and soft simmering spices.

The American Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent

American 10.png

Rittenhouse Straight Rye 100 Proof: This is Pennsylvanian whiskey is rye at its spicy, chewy and aromatic best. For those unacquainted, get set for a real flavour experience.

The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Japanese V2 10.png

Hibiki Japanese Harmony: Harmony by name... malt whiskies from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries combine here for a truly elegant expression, with wafts of orange, honey, light oak and a herbaceous touch or two on the nose and palate.

Day 9 - Hibiki Japanese Harmony @drinksbythedram @masterofmalt #boozysanta #whiskeyadvent #whiskeyofjapan

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The Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar – #WhiskeyAdvent


Roe & Co Irish Whiskey: Diageo's return to the Irish whiskey category is a triumphant one with this blend of single malt and grain whiskeys. It is creamy, delightfully fragrant and remarkably rounded, with notes of spiced pear and vanilla.

The Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

DBTD Logo.png

Glenfarclas 2009 (bottled 2016) (cask 1805) - Drinks by the Dram: We bottled this one ourselves, so we’re obviously big fans of this Glenfarclas expression. You’ll be pleased to know that it’s a typically excellent representation of the distillery – a single malt of complexity, class and sherried sophistication.

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent


Dailuaine 16 Year Old – Flora and Fauna: An ideal dram to savour as a digestif, this 16 year old single malt was sherry-matured, resulting in those wonderful winter spice and thick fruitcake notes

The Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

O&R 10.png

The Lost Distilleries Blend – Batch 10: An astonishing expression that was crafted using whiskies exclusively from closed distilleries. this outrageously complex blend is teeming with flavour, but still manages to offer a defined and quite brilliantly integrated tasting experience.

The Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – #WhiskyAdvent

Very Old and Rare 10.png

The Last Drop 50 Year Old Double Matured: “A lot of life in this beautiful ol’ dog” is what Jim Murray said of this extraordinary Scotch. A small portion of bourbon-barrel matured 30 Year Old whisky from 1995 was held back and filled into seven oloroso sherry hogsheads that lay in a traditional Lowland warehouse for a further 20 years. The resulting notes of dark chocolate truffle, stewed plums, five-spice, liquorice root and aromatic oak are as delectable and scrumptious as you would imagine.

The Gin Advent Calendar – #GinAdvent


Willem Barentsz Premium Gin: Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz is famous for his search for the Northeast Passage, but if he found this gin in his Advent calendar he’d probably have changed his priorities and stayed home with these sweet and rounded floral-juniper notes and touches of marmalade instead.

The Rum Advent Calendar – #RumAdvent


Wood's 100 Old Navy Rum: Made from the finest sugar cane and distilled in Guyana, South America, this stately dram is known for being one of the highest volume dark rums out there right now, weighting in at 57% ABV. Despite the heft, muscovado sugar, soft toffee and spice notes still come through for all to enjoy.

The Cognac Advent Calendar – #CognacAdvent

Cognac 10.png

Hine Bonneuil 2006: The second vintage of this single-estate Grande Champagne Cognac is a sequel worth entertaining, and brings the quality you would expect from the excellent Hine. A fruity and floral Cognac, there’s dried apricot, red apple and quince, as well as buttery cake and allspice notes. Just delicious.

The Tequila Advent Calendar – #TequilaAdvent


El Jimador Reposado: A stunningly smooth example of a reposado, this edition was aged for two months in white oak barrels prior to bottling. Mexico's best-selling tequila is your treat today, with its notes of cooked agave, vanilla and caramel sweetness.

The Armagnac Advent Calendar – #ArmagnacAdvent

Armagnac 10.png

Darroze Grands Assemblages 8 Year Old Bas-Armagnac: This 8 year old Armagnac from Darroze in the Bas Armagnac region for the Grand Assemblage series makes for an absolutely gorgeous blend, packed with dried fruits, quince jam, citrus peels and just a smidgen of wood.

The Vodka Advent Calendar – #VodkaAdvent


Reyka Vodka: The world's first ‘green’ vodka, Reyka is made from glacial water and distilled using sustainable energy from geothermal heat. The brand is economical with almost everything – but not with its intense flavour profile, making it a superb candidate for cocktails.

The Mezcal Advent Calendar – #MezcalAdvent


Aprendiz Joven Espadín 2015: A textbook example of a smoky, fruity Joven mezcal from San Juan del Ríooft,  a delicious addition to the Mezcal Advent collection.

The Absinthe Advent Calendar – #AbsintheAdvent

Absinthe 10.png

St. George Absinthe Verte: The first legal American absinthe released after the ban was lifted in 2007 was worth the wait. With notes of intense wormwood, crisp anise, floral and lemon sweetness and an earthy quality, the Alameda-based distillery got this right –one for the California dreamers out there.

St. George for today’s Absinthe-vent. 60% this is the first American one of the calendar. #absinthe

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