An Array of Brand New Christmas Goodies

You thought we were running out of Christmas spirit? Not even close! We've got three new festive treats that'll make the most marvellous Christmas presents in all the land!

When you take a look at all the Advent Calendars and Christmas Crackers that we're building and sending out to the world, you might think that we would be running low on Christmas spirit. You'd be dead wrong. We've got so must festivity left in the tank that we're launching three merry additions to our range, and they're all perfect presents for the whisky lover in your life!

Feast your mince pies upon the 12 Scotch Whiskies of Christmas - our brand new tasting set filled with carefully selected Scotch whiskies to celebrate and extend the season! This handsome set contains 12 different wax-sealed 30ml drams, including fantastic single malts, grains, blends showing off a variety of flavour profiles, and even whisky worth over £100 a bottle!

The 12 Whiskies of Christmas

And that's not all! We've also got 2017 editions of our excellent Christmas Tasting Set and Christmas Festive Selection ready to roll! These two bundles of 30ml drams of cracking whiskies make are great for gift givers that...

A) Need to get gifts for people that like good things (these things are good)
B) Don't like wrapping presents (we bang a festive bow on them for you)
C) A combination of A and B (self explanatory)

The Christmas Tasting Set contains five different 30cl drams, while the Christmas Festive Selection contains 10 different 30ml drams. This allows you to covertly suggest how good the gift receiver has been this year. Have they been "just good"? Get them the Christmas Tasting Set. Have they been "fending-off-packs-of-wild-dogs-from-orphanages good"? Get them the Christmas Festive Selection. Easy.

Christmas Festive Selection

Right, we ought to get back to firing Advent Calendars, Christmas Crackers and Tasting Sets out of a festively-decorated, industrial-sized slingshot.