Our Christmas Crackers are Back!

It's that time of year again when we get excited about our booze-filled Christmas Crackers!

There came a time when we had simply got tired of finding the same useless tat within Christmas Crackers year after year. We has drawers stuffed with giant plastic paperclips, cupboards rammed of thimbles, an aquarium full of weird plastic fish that can read your mood. Enough was enough. We decided to make our own Christmas Crackers, filled with the sort of stuff we would actually want to win - booze, namely.

They have since become a tradition for many, and we're excited to say that our Christmas Crackers are back for 2017! Once again, four sets of six crackers are available, with sets based around Whisky, Premium Whisky, Gin and Spirits & Liqueurs. Within each cracker, you'll find a wax-sealed 30ml dram of deliciousness, along with the classic party hat and crap joke. The jokes aren't any better this year. Trust us.

But what if you've got a number of guests that isn't divisible by 6 sat around your dinner table - like 10, or 39, or 7? What if you've got incredibly picky guests that will only drink whisky, or gin? What if you've got a combination of these problems?! Fret not, because we've done something revolutionary. It's very technical. Do try to keep up. So...

We've made it possible for you to purchase individual Christmas Crackers. 


That's right. You needed worry about an overabundance of Christmas Crackers or relatives' very particular whisky palates, because you can buy specific numbers of specific Christmas Crackers - Christmas dinner is saved. Find out where you can get your hands on them here!