Head of Marketing Wanted + Win a Spirit-Filled Advent Calendar

Consider yourself a world-class marketer do you? Have a passion for spirits too, is it? Fancy yourself capable of developing and delivering a world-class marketing strategy, for not just Drinks by the Dram, but the entire Atom Group? Then you simply must read on…

As a reader of the ramblings in this blog, you’ll know a thing or two about Drinks by the Dram. But did you know this, that we’re part of a larger group of businesses called Atom Group? Consider yourself edified.

Atom Group is the parent and guardian of several like-minded brands in the drinks industry, some of whom you might have heard tell. Ableforth’s, makers of delicious spirits including Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion!? You betcha. Master of Malt, purveyor of thousands of fine spirits of all sorts? For sure. That Boutique-y Whisky Company, fun loving independent bottler? Oh yes. Maverick Drinks, the free thinking distributor of all these fine brands and more? Absolutamundo.

As Head of Marketing you’ll be responsible for all of those brands and more (there are others, and they rock too), and your mission will be to build a world-class team to deliver your marketing strategy.

For more information about the role, please check out this here Head of Marketing job ad.

As a lovely little bonus, if you can prove that you were the one to tip off our successful candidate by sticking this post under their nose, then we’ll hook you up with a spirit-filled advent calendar to show you our gratitude. We know the timing’s a bit off, but they are the best thing in the world, and the choice is yours to either take a 2016 calendar right now and make pretend that it’s the countdown to Christmas, or hold out until later this year when we’ll hook you up with the 2017 version.