Proudly Presenting our 2016 Range of Advent Calendars!

Introducing our 2016 range of 23 unique spirit-filled calendars including the ever-popular Whisky Advent Calendar - returning for a fifth year - containing drams aged for over 50 years, and whiskies worth up to £600 per bottle!

We’re very excited to unveil this year’s spectacular selection of Advent Calendars packed with 24 drams of delicious drinks, letting spirits enthusiasts count down to Christmas and explore the finest spirits known to mankind. The range has grown once again for 2016, with 23 unique spirit-filled calendars available!

Old favourites return, like the classic Whisky, Ginvent, Bourbon and Rum, while the new faces this year include calendars dedicated to Scotch, American, Irish and Japanese whiskies along with calendars full of Glenfarclas single malt, independent whisky bottlings from That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Origin Single Botanical Gins made with juniper sourced from specific regions all around the world.

We’ve also somewhat developed on an idea introduced last year. Remember our Old & Rare Whisky Calendar? The one with all those hard to find and well-aged expressions? Well, this year we’ve created a Very Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar as well, which features some of the rarest and oldest whiskies we could get our hands on, including a 60 year old single malt, whiskies from long-closed distilleries and a whisky worth up to £19,000 a bottle! We’ve also gone to town with the box for the Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar - each one is a bespoke wooden box built by hand by cabinet-makers Simon Jewell Designs in Kent, and is available in walnut or macassar ebony finishes. It’s a glorious thing to behold.

The entire range is available now! (See Where To Buy) Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.