Father's Day Tasting Sets!

Introducing The Father's Day Whisky Tasting Set and The Father's Day Deluxe Whisky Tasting Set - a pair of great gifts for the dad-liest of dads!

Have you been searching far and wide for some Father’s Day gifts? Have you been faced with switching out a gift with an equally-as-weighty bag of sand while dodging arrow traps and enormous rolling boulders? Well put away the fedora, bullwhip and devil-may-care attitude, because we’ve got two excellent whisky Tasting Sets specially designed for Father’s Day.

Presenting the first of the two - The Father’s Day Whisky Tasting Set! This handsome rascal features 5 drams of excellent whisky, including a duo of single malts, an ace single grain, a fantastic blend and a top bourbon. When your dad unwraps it, he might even do one of those fist pump things…

If your dad has been very good at his dad-ly activities this year and deserves a big treat, The Father’s Day Deluxe Whisky Tasting Set might just be the best way to say “Yo, pops, you done good!”. This Tasting Set features 10 drams of whisky from distillers around the world, all of which are bloomin’ delicious.

That’s Father’s Day gifts sorted then. We’ll leave it to you to figure out some sort of cooked breakfast, D.I.Y. endeavours and other dad-ly projects.