Day 13 of our Advent Calendars!

A lucky day for lovers of fine spirits! Behind window 13 you'll discover delights such as The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old and Sherried Darkness! Glenrothes in The Whisky Advent Calendar and The Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar respectively...

The Whisky Advent Calendar

The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old - Honeyed Speyside malt with balanced spice aged in American oak then finished in European oak Sherry casks. One of the first produced this way and still one of the best.


The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Highland Park 12 Year Old - Single malt from Orkney that's lightly peated but very different in character to Islay whiskies, for example. Expect layers of heather honey and just a hint of fragrant smoke.


The Bourbon Advent Calendar

Hudson Baby Bourbon - The first legal pot-still whiskey produced in New York since prohibition! Made using 100% New York corn and matured in tiny barrels that are agitated by bass speakers, this is a craft treat.

The Gin Advent Calendar

Fifty Pounds Gin - A London dry gin named after George II's not entirely successful Gin Act where he attempted to impose a £50 levy on all those distilling gin. Only two distilleries actually agreed to pay!

The Rum Advent Calendar

St. Lucia Distillers 1931 Fourth Edition - Bottled in relatively small batches, this complex rum is named after the year in which Dennery Distillery was founded on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.


The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

Kilchoman 5 Year Old 2010 - Single Octave Cask Release (cask 566/2010) - Drinks by the Dram or 6 Year Old 2010 Original Cask Strength - An exclusive for us or another top natural cask strength peaty treat.

The Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar

Michel Couvreur Very Sherried Over 25 Years - Single malt whisky transported from Scotland to age in cellars in Bouze-les-Beaune, Burgundy, in this case for 25 years. Rare and particularly Sherried.

The Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar

Ladyburn 40 Year Old 1974 (cask 74) - Private Cask Collection (William Grant & Sons) - A very rare official release of single malt from this distillery, which closed in 1975, having only been founded in 1966.

The Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar


Teeling 15 Year Old - The Revival


The Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar


Darkness! Glenrothes 26 Year Old Oloroso Cask Finish

The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar


Nikka Coffey Grain

The American Whiskey Advent Calendar


High West American Prairie Reserve

The Vodka Advent Calendar


Bimber Oak Aged Vodka

The Tequila Advent Calendar


Centinela Reposado

The Cognac Advent Calendar


Maxime Trijol VS


The Armagnac Advent Calendar


Clés Des Ducs VSOP Vieil Armagnac

The Mezcal Advent Calendar


QuiQuiRiQui San Juan Del Rio Mezcal

The Absinthe Advent Calendar


François Guy Absinthe