2015 in review

It's always nice to have a wrap up at the dawn of a new year. People say nice things about the things we've done on Twitter, which makes our mothers very proud.

During 2015 we crossed the 4,000 individual dram milestone, and we're still going strong. Drinks by the Dram is all about offering an affordable way for people to try before they buy, and so we'll keep pushing to offer as big a range as possible; from Aalborg Dild Akvavit to Zuidam Young Grain Genever, and everything in between.

We extended our range of tasting sets too, focussing on offering tasting sets that explore particular producers and on collaborations for curated tasting sets. We added tasting sets focussing on Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, FEW, Smooth Ambler, Glenfarclas and others; as well as hook-ups with Ian Buxton, Alice Lascelles, Gin Monkey and Messrs Harrison and Ridley to curate sets which showcase a particular producer, theme, or simply the best of the best.

We also hooked up with Whisky Magazine for the second year to let you try the winners of the World Whisky and World Drinks Awards.

We listened to your feedback - the good the bad and the ugly - and consequently redesigned and expanded our advent calendar range; offering a craft and red option as we'll as adding spirits such as Mezcal and Vodka to the lineup. The level of engagement and excitement about this years lineup was truly humbling, and we had a blast during December.

In partnership with Master of Malt, for the first time ever, customers were able to build their own advent calendar. This innovation allowed customers to craft their own contents, tuning them to fit their tastes and budget. We're going to be working hard to make this service available through as many retailers as possible during 2016 - our gift to humankind.

Likewise, we listened to your feedback and added a fresh design and additional lines to the cracker range in the form of craft packaging and whisky- (and premium whisky-) and gin-focussed cracker sets.

We also ran a competition to allow our social media followers to pitch jokes for next year's crackers, with some brilliant results. Watch this space to see whether any of them are used next year...

Throughout the year we increased distribution through more retailers than ever before - which is a good thing. We're going to redouble our efforts in 2016 to make it even easier to lay your greasy mits on our wares - including those that live outside the UK.

It's been a blast, and we look forward to gettin' into 2016 and doing you lot (and our mothers) proud.