I don't really know what Gangbusters are, but the 2015 Advent Calendars are going like them, apparently.
And with a range bigger than ever before, including the spiffing Old and Rare and the shocking Naga Chilli Escalation variants; a greater selection of people to buy them from both online and offline; and all-new packaging, it’s little wonder!
The new packaging has something for everyone, whether you’re the sort that prefers a lower-key, crafty, hipsterish design, or the full-on ho ho ho experience.  We did both, because it's the only sensible choice to make when faced with a dilemma. Always both…

It’s nice to be sure what proportion of the nation’s hearts each has won, so we wanted to ask the social-sphere directly: Which do you prefer? 

Whisky Advent Craft

Whisky Advent Red

And to make the process all that more exciting, we’re putting a Whisky Advent Calendar up for grabs. For your chance to win, simply hop onto Twitter to answer the poll (and reply to the tweet using #WhiskyAdventRed or #WhiskyAdventCraft for your chance to win); or speak up on the Facebook post.  One lucky winner will be picked at 17:00 GMT Friday 21st November and, of course, you’ll receive your colour of choice!
Drinks by the Dram
P.S. votes for both will cancel each other out, so if you try to vote for both then it’s the same as not having voted at all..