The first post on our shiny new, corrugated card-laden website could be your standard “here we are” post. However, gentle reader, we have far more pressing news. 

After years of hard graft, we finally made it into the Daily Mail. Sure, it’s not a newspaper we’ve ever actually read, nor are we sure whether it’s technically a newspaper or not, but that’s neither here nor there. They covered us and we’re in the big leagues now baby.

Their piece came with the snappy headline “Christian anger over booze-filled advent calendars: Festive feature loved by TV star Phillip Schofield branded insult to religion” made us feel a bit like a late '80s Salman Rushdie. 

You see, we thought our hearts were in the right place. We made our delicious whisky-filled Advent Calendars for one purpose: to bring joy to the whisky-loving community this Christmas. However, in the Mail’s fair and honest article, the entire Christian community, represented by Stephen Green of Christian Voice, was up in arms.

“People need to think, is Christmas really all about drinking and living it up, or is it about reflecting on the fact that God became man in Jesus Christ, who was born as a baby in a manger,” said he.

Stephen’s quite right; chocolate is far more appropriate. Although we’re fairly sure Jesus’s blood was represented by wine and not dairy milk.

All that aside, we’re particularly annoyed that the Daily Mail neglected even a single link to an online retailer stocking our heathen product (available from fine retailers including AmazonSelfridges and Master of Malt).

Oh well…

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