Gin Monkey Aged Gins Tasting Set


Gin Monkey Aged Gins Tasting Set

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For this splendid tasting set we've teamed up with the inimitable Gin Monkey to hand select a showcase of aged gins.

The following fine selection have been aged in varying casks for varying periods of time to allow you to taste the range of flavours this exciting category has to offer*:

  • Bathtub Gin Cask-Aged
  • Dictador Premium Colombian Aged Gin - Treasure
  • Hernö Juniper Cask Gin
  • FEW Barrel-Aged Gin
  • Smooth Ambler Double-Barrel Gin

*As with all of our sets, contents are subject to change. Fear not though, the advertised products will always be representative of the price range and diversity of the contents.