Spirit and Liqueur Christmas Crackers


Spirit and Liqueur Christmas Crackers

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Can’t decide on a favourite spirit, or love them all equally? There’s no need to commit this Christmas – the Spirit & Liqueur Cracker set contains 30ml drams of gin, rum, liqueurs. bourbon and Scotch whisky instead of a rubbish plastic toy! There’s a different dram per cracker – no arguing over them during Christmas dinner….

We’re not Scrooges – we’ve still kept the jolly party hats and rubbish jokes.


  • Ableforth's Cherry Brandy
  • Bathtub Gin - Navy-Strength
  • FEW Bourbon
  • Rumbullion!
  • Bathtub Gin - Sloe Gin
  • Glenfarclas 10 Year Old
  • party hats
  • crap jokes
  • detailed tasting notes

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