The Naga Chilli Vodka Escalation Calendar


The Naga Chilli Vodka Escalation Calendar

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What does getting into the festive spirit mean to you? If torturing yourself (or a ‘lucky’ recipient) with ever-increasing levels of chilli heat appeals, then the Naga Chilli Vodka Escalation Advent Calendar is for you! Instead of chocolate, each window contains a 30ml sample of Chilli Vodka from the Hot Enough Vodka

Behind each door is an increasingly horrifying 30ml sample of Chilli Vodka from The 'Hot Enough' Vodka Company, building to a scorchio 240,000-Scoville inferno on Christmas Eve.

  • Made with pure wheat spirit and Naga Jolokia chillies
  • Contains 24x 3cl samples of chilli vodka
  • May result in nihilism
  • Unpleasant to the senses
  • Not particularly festive
  • A great gift for people you dislike intensely
  • RRP £99.95

This is an extremely hot chilli vodka.  Use with *extreme* caution. Do not drink as a ‘shot’ under any circumstances. PROBABLY BEST NOT TO DRINK IN ANY OTHER FORM EITHER.

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